"STOP Being The Best Kept Secret In Your Industry, and Use My
PROVEN SYSTEM for Gaining Visibility, Attracting Opportunities,
Building Loyalty and Having the Business You Dream of!"

From: Beatrice Johnston, New York, NY, USA


Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Do you wish you knew exactly what to do to launch or revive your business by building a memorable brand?

If you are serious about your business I know exactly what you need. Chances are you…

  • Want to attract more visibility and opportunities to your business consistently and in the quickest way possible…

  • Need to have a brand that others get excited about, have no hestitation in investing in and feel good about…

  • Understand that your message is as important as your marketing in convincing people really WANT to work with you…

  • Wish someone could show you the simple steps to take to get things done right the first time…

  • Need to stand out in the sea of the other experts in your industry without sacrificing your integrity and credibility

  • Are eager to introduce smart technology so that you can do something once, set it and forget it

  • Want to discover how to leverage your expertise and introduce yourself to the right people at the right time…

  • Want to manage the process effortlessly, without being "on call" about every little thing that could go wrong…

  • Wishes you could identify exactly whats working, and where, so that you know where to put your efforts… and

Most importantly, you want the insight of someone experienced in recognizing the strengths and potential of your brand. To provide support, accountability and encouragement for your ideas.

Does this sound like you?

Then get excited because there's a special opportunity on this page that's going to pull you into a new reality and make you thrive in your business, even as the world changes, FOREVER. I can guarantee it. Here's why:

Like many business owners it's been an uphill battle to get yourself in the space that you envision.

You've attended many seminars and workshops, read books, taken classes, paid consultants and traveled for conferences locally and nationally at times, but you received a lot of theory and nothing that you could wrap your plans around. You haven't done much, if anything, from what you learned, and you're not getting any help in figuring it out.

That's about to change. Here's why…

I've designed a program to take you by the hand, step-by-step, to help you build everything you need, from the name (or renaming) of your company to managing it once you've launched it. These very steps took me from launching my business in 2010 with $36,000 in revenue to gaining expert visibility which helped my business revenue triple to $105,000 in 2011.

If you've been stuck in limbo, hit a plateau or just haven't been motivated to get it done, read on...

Here's the thing, people invest their dollars in companies and products, not people, so the better you present yourself as a viable company with excellent products (even when those products are actually services) the more you position them to do business with you, and you break their hesitation.

Sometimes, you just need educated feedback and someone to flush out your ideas with! Someone to tell you what makes sense right now, what's realistic, and what should wait. Someone that tells you they love rainbows, but that it won't work for your brand and the reason why.

You've probably tried it alone and have wasted a lot of time and money doing so. It hasn't worked and you're about ready to give up. Give me your ear for just a little while longer and I'll tell you why this will work for you...

It's worked for every business that's ever tried it.

This course will put your best foot forward in the quickest amount of time, without being rough around the edges and making you appear half-baked.

I'm one to talk because I'm the one who can say "been there, done that, wrote the book, ain't going back"

I'll spare you the "super long" version and tell you this, I tried the "business owner" thing for 10 years before finally tapping into what I knew all along... the business is in the branding. Build the brand, and the rest will follow.

I took my 15 years of corporate branding experience and scaled them down to work for small businesses. I developed 7 key steps, worked them, tested them, and worked them again.

In my ultimate test I got the attention of O, The Oprah Magazine, contributed to the book of a best selling author and finally pulled myself out of micro-mode, all in less than 4 months.

I figured out how to taking my brand my business all the way to the bank!
And now that the steps are outlined, it's Unbeatable and Repeatable.

Beatrice Johnston

Today, I have a successful business with offices in New York City and New Jersey, where I get to choose my clients and work on projects that fuel me so much that I have to schedule my "stopping hours" because it's so much fun! I'm living a life that I, my husband, and my family can be proud of, in full integrity and without stepping on others as I climb higher. I'm living a life that makes me happy to wake up each morning and get started.

It's all a part of my grand plan. I have a flexible schedule, am able to enjoy what matters most in life, and can map out my future with my husband Darren, by working hard when I'm at work, and playing hard when I'm at play. Love it!

I want you to ask yourself one question:

Do others feel as excited and passionate about your business as you do? Do you want to increase that?

If your answer is "Yes!" then you're going to get so much value from this program…

"She has this unique ability to get into your head... with her brilliance she can get your brand to where you want to go!"

"I own an academy in Seattle, Washington and I was very fortunate to find Beatrice Johnston and her fabulous business Brand Excitement. I was trying to do things on ...

I needed to up-level my website and materials. Beatrice seamlessly took my ideas and was able to come up with something that was "spot on" perfect for my academy.

I'm very excited! She's able to give a brand that fits with your company and where you'd like it to go.

Becky Blake

Here's what we'll cover:


Step One
Create A Name Designed for Fame


What you'll learn:

In this session, we’re going to get clear on the name of your company, product or services, including the strengths and weaknesses that help you market them, and very importantly how to keep it simple and in alignment. With this information you’ll know exactly where you’re starting from, the adjustments you need to make and how your current naming conventions may be working for or against you. The work we do for this session will set you up to create the most compelling name for your growth in.

Training and Worksheets Include:

  • How to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your brand name, products and services
  • How to use popular keywords to choose a strong name
  • Which tests to perform to make sure your name can legally be used locally and globally
  • How to protect your brand name at a low cost - even before you launch
  • What groundwork to perform before you put the name out there
  • Creative ways to choose a name that stands out and gets you noticed

    Step Two
    Share a Story That Sizzles


    What you'll learn:

    The key to getting people to actually buy into your brand is to get to the heart of what matters most to them. In this session we'll examine your value system and unique offerings to get to the heart of your messaging. We'll describe what you do in a way that instantly resonates with your ideal client, and we'll make sure you sound authentic and true to your voice and style.

    Training and Worksheets Include:

  • Examine your unique experiences to create a heartfelt message
  • Define your value system and give clients a reason to invest with you (list of 125)
  • Observe what makes people buy and their main drivers
  • Develop promises that excite your clients and enhance your reputation
  • Discover your voice and the core persona for every marketing vehicle
  • Craft your Signature Statement using a siple 5 step formula

    Step Three
    Plan Your Platform


    What you'll learn:

    The leader you were meant to be is ready to take the world by storm, you just need to let the world know it. To become a brand darling you must be approachable and trusted. There's a way to align others to your vision so that they can help you to succeed. Learn the secrets to doing exactly that and you'll soar to the top.

    Training and Worksheets Include:

  • Identify strategic alliances to grow your business through teamwork quickly
  • Discover which questions to ask potential partners for your sales force
  • Learn what to say to introduce yourself to a new network of influencers and referrers
  • Develop realistic expectations for new projects and partnerships by tracking responsibilities
  • Uncover ways to improve your reputation through competitions and Google alerts
  • Implement a simple system for tracking award and competition submissions
  • Build your electronic press kit

    Step Four
    Create Signals that Support your
    Brand at all Levels


    What you'll learn:

    Your brand signals are assets like your logo, website, business card, brochures, name tags, merchandise, commercials, social media, and all those other external factors that we associate with a brand. Learn how to develop your own unique footprint and how to go wherever you want with full confidence. With the right signals, you can expand as far as your imagination will take you.

    Training and Worksheets Include:

  • Know which signals you need at start up, the development stage and as an established biz
  • Understand how to set the look and feel for your brand
  • Review 4 logo types and which is right for you
  • Examine 5 website types and which is right for you
  • Establish an identity for the top 3 tiers of distribution (and what they are)
  • Put your brand in the spotlight with online and in-person brand assets
  • Evaluate your needs and know what signage is best for your platform

    Step Five
    Outline An Exciting Experience


    What you'll learn:

    Have you ever thought about the process that your clients go through, from the moment they first encounter you or hear of you, until they've worked with you through completion? They have, and they look for experiences that can't be matched. Not only does your message have to be unique, your process must be as well. An exciting experience builds loyalty and referrals for years to come.

    Training and Worksheets Include:

  • Outline the client experience and the steps your client takes in doing business with you
  • See a sample of the client experience when they accept and when they decline service
  • Create a client preference profile to help you customize their experience
  • Develop your nurturing sequences and identity 5 touchpoints vital to the service process
  • Build your Welcome Kit and Thank You Kit
  • Implement fun ways to wow your clients and gain loyalty

    Step Six
    Get Exposure For Everything You Do


    What you'll learn:

    There is a way to brand everywhere, in person, online and when you're out and about. You don't have to be everywhere to be known everywhere. In fact, by knowing how to get exposure in your absence building brand recognition can be effortless (and it's very profitable). We'll build what you need to be taken seriously as the go-to-person in your niche, both socially and professionally.

    Training and Worksheets Include:

  • Create and distribute an engaging press release (formula provided)
  • See a sample letter for recruiting brand ambassadors and endorsements
  • Creative ways to garner media attention while serving your community
  • Map your social media strategy with 21 content starters
  • Know where to list your business locally and nationally so clients can find you (12 sources)
  • Implement a formula to repurpose your knowledge and expand your brand
  • Get exposure at a low cost while you’re out and about

    Step Seven
    Design Your Brand Management Program


    What you'll learn:

    Many organizations forget to manage their brand. By contrast, successful companies focus on strategic brand management in every aspect of their business. These companies understand that signals and messages are merely tools, and success requires an ongoing process to fully integrate it. Usually, they hire a Brand Manager to navigate every sphere and control the brand so that they control the feelings and values that the brand is perceived to be. You'll be able to design how your brand should be managed so that you can do it yourself, or delegate it to one of your team members.

    Training and Worksheets Include:

  • Complete your brand style guide (fill in the blanks workbook)
  • Develop a schedule to keep your brand on track (spreadsheet)
  • Track the responses your brand is getting online, such as:
    • Website traffic and blog traffic
    • Social media impact and growth
    • Video marketing results and opportunities
    • Track your referral sources online and word-of-mouth

    "I got here because of her step-by-step system and I'll never let it go!"

    "I started working with Brand Excitement just over a year ago, when I first started I was excited but OH MY GOSH, people don't even recognize my old business anymore. I'm at a totally new level. When I started working with Bea I was needing to expand.

    I'd worked with some top celebrities in entertainment but couldn't get any traction to expand my region. Since working with Bea there are now 4 stores that carry my gloss line, I'm in negotiations to be a beauty editor for a top magazine and my client roster is full. I'm having fun and people now understand that my purpose is beauty on the inside and out... Beauty as a lifestyle. I got here because of her step by step system, and I'll never let it go.

    Ony Powers


    All of this, for just $497

    Here's what the structure looks like:


    Weekly in-depth Audio and Q&A Training Calls

    The Bankable Branding Bootcamp

      Over a period of 3 weeks, we'll delve deep into the in-depth system that I've been using for nearly 10 years. You'll get quick access to the downloadable materials and we'll provide the support you need to implement new ideas, insights and actions quickly.


    Your Own Templates, Shortcuts and Accelerators

    The Bankable Branding Bootcamp

      I'll make it easy for you by providing examples, worksheets, templates and checklists outlining the exact steps that you need to take that week to move to the next level. I'm not just giving you the printed materials, I'm giving you WORD documents, EXCEL spreadsheets and POWERPOINT presentations. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, I hand it to you.

      These worksheets are for you to use to implement the principles for fast track results. You'll use them to stay focused, stay on track and make progress — getting you more visibility and opportunities than you ever would on your own in the same amount of time.


    Unlimited email support and reviews to get guided expertise and feedback

    The Bankable Branding Bootcamp

      During the entire program you can ask unlimited questions, forward images and concepts, URLs and plans to be reviewed and to get personalized responses and guidance. We examine what makes you unique, come up with strategies just for you and see who to connect you with so that you start to build your buzz in the industry.

      As your crafting your message, drafting your signals, developing your leadership and making measurements, I'll be sure to give you honest and empowering evaluations on every piece as you go along. Think of me as an accountability buddy, strategist and communications rep. We'll make sure the identity you create will be sustainable, expandable and enjoyable! Best of all, this is on your time, and unlike a call or group discussion, you have no limits.


    MP3 Recordings and One-on-one feedback from me.

    The Bankable Branding Bootcamp

      You get instant downloads emailed to you so that you can listen when it's most convenient for you. In your car, on the treadmill, or at your computer. Then, so that you don't walk away with "theory" only I'm providing one-on-one feedback via email and telephone so that you stay on the right track.

    So, here's the wrap up. With this Bootcamp, I've created a way for me to leverage my time and expertise to guide you into your next level of success using Branding techniques that actually make you more visible, and attract more opportunities, thereby making you more money.

    Your investment in the Bankable Branding Bootcamp is just $497.